Giveaway! First Anniversary & New Beginning

There is always first for everything, and this is my first time hosting a giveaway! This month I am celebrating my first year blog anniversary. Yes, I have been blogging here for a year. Another reason I am celebrating is that my husband and I have a big transition in life. We both have resigned from our previous work, and moved to a new place. My husband continues his degree in Theology (he has started last September), while I prepare my portfolio to enter uni this year. This truly is an exciting new beginning for both of us! Ow, one […]

Ladybower Reservoir ~ Heritage Walk in Peak District

If you are following me on Instagram, you might already know that Andrew and I went to Peak District for camping. You can also watch the video at the end of this post or simply go to my Youtube channel here. It was around two hours driving from Beeston, Nottingham to Swallowholme camping site in Peak District. It is a very fine camping and caravan site. It has great facilities such as picnic tables, warm showers, toilets, electricity powers, and wifi. The host was also very friendly and helpful. You’ll find no reason to get bored at that campsite as […]

5 Ways to Capture Beauty Everyday

Back in 2012, I used to broadcast on a private radio station on topics such as Theology and Social issues. One afternoon, broadcasting was on my timetable for 6 PM. The radio station was not far from my house, however Jakarta is a very busy city and its traffic is a nightmare. So, I left at 4:45 PM. Usually the trip takes 30 minutes, but that day it seemed like everyone was heading in the same direction as I was. The road was very, very busy, and my bus was stuck.  It was already 5:30 PM, and the bus was […]

4 Things I Learned from Island Trip

The rain had stopped. The dark clouds were gone from the sky. I arrived at Fionnphort, a small harbour in the Isle of Mull, Scotland. I was on my way to Iona. From the place I was standing, I could see the island already; just another 15 minutes by ferry. I jumped onto the ferry, overwhelmed and excited. Not long after that, I finally arrived. I walked away from the ferry to the harbour deck, looked around, and my eyes caught a giant map on the other side of the harbour. I walked there and tried to find the campsite […]

Redefining Worry

“Is worrying a sin?” Asked my friend when we were sitting on the sofa in his living room. It was Christmas week in 2014.  Manchester got a little bit of snow, and my good friend and I were busy sipping our warm tea and having a chit chat. Some of us might have the same question. Me too, although I can’t remember the first time I asked that question. Recently, I saw a quote on my social media feed, posted by someone, saying that worry is a sin because it is doubting God. I have heard many preachers say the […]

Vietnamese Food: Saigon City’s Treat

One thing you may not know about me is that I am very keen on Vietnamese food. It is not easy to find Vietnamese Restaurant in my city, however I can take you back to the time when I first visited Vietnam. This post was originally written in Bahasa Indonesia (my mother tongue) when I was in Saigon city. As a big fan of Vietnamese food, I think it’s worth rewriting this on my blog.  Back in 2012, I visited Vietnam and stayed for 2 weeks in Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh city. Together with three friends from the Philippines, and […]

How If God Wants You to Stop Creating?

Last Sunday, after Church, I was lying on my bed while my husband sat facing his laptop, edited some photos. My body was resting, but my mind tried to remember my next week schedule and to do list. I am one of those women who want to do many things in her life; from getting the laundry done, helping others, and growing my own business. Currently, I work as a part time support worker, in a voluntary based, to help people with learning disabilities. I work 3 days a week. On the rest of the week I have to manage […]

A Lamp Under A Bowl

It was a nice day; sunny, and the sky was clear.  My friends and I were travelling by car for a weekend break. The friend who was driving was still very chatty.  The other, sat beside her, acted as a navigator.  I was sat in the back, but still engaged in the conversation with my two girls. We talked about random things; from appreciating the weather to our future plans. The girls asked me about my new life as a married woman, and I told them how great it is being with someone I love in marriage. Then they asked […]

Little Penang London- Malaysian Cuisine

Yesterday Andrew and I went to London for our visa appointment. I applied to switch my Tier 5 Visa Temporary Worker to FLR(M) Spouse Visa using Premium Service at Home Office Croydon. They granted my visa, and I am now on Spouse Visa, and definitely can get a real job in UK. I would love to write the whole process of how I process my visa on a separate post. When we finished all the process at Home Office Croydon, Andrew and I went to China Town to meet our good friend, Kendrick. It was already 18:00, and we were […]

Self-Designed and Sewed Fashion – Boutique!

I have been MIA lately, and I am super excited to be back on blogging. I was just super busy with wedding preparation. Yea, I have recently ended my singleness and entered my new life as a married woman on the 28th May. Well, let’s talk about the wedding on the next post, because this time I really really excited to announce that I am going to open an artsy boutique online this Summer. I always love designing and draw croquis since I was a little girl. I also dream of having my own boutique someday. A place where I […]